#LookADouche Has Been Arrested For Public Intoxication

Justin Lookadoo, also known as #LookADouche, everyone’s favorite misogynistic motivational speaker, has been arrested for public intoxication. According to an Indiana news station, he was set to speak to a group of middle school students in Evansville on Tuesday but never showed — because he was in the county jail.

Police found Justin in his car on the side of the highway, reeking of alcohol. Maybe he’d pulled over knowing he was too drunk to drive any farther; Lookadoo failed a sobriety test and was taken into custody. On Tuesday, instead of leading workshops at a Teen Power Camp with middle schoolers, he made a court appearance and was released on a bond.

Lookadoo has written two books on teen dating, and his sexist relationship views went viral last fall when students at a Texas high school where he was giving a presentation revolted. The #LookADouche hashtag spread like wildfire on Twitter, condemning the speaker’s skeevy insistence that “dateable girls know how to shut up.” Here’s hoping he has a female judge.

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