The Woman From The “Blurred Lines” Music Video Runs & Hides When That Song Comes On

  • Emily Ratajkowski, the very attractive young woman from Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video, says that when the song comes on in a bar she runs into the bathroom to hide. I don’t blame her. [Celebuzz]
  • Gary Oldman’s publicist is defending an interview with Playboy in which he defended Mel Gibson and made comments about Philip Seymour Hoffman being fat, among other gems. “In this interview Gary is doing what many intelligent people do: he is illustrating the absurd by being absurd,” says his publicist. Uh huh. [UK Yahoo]
  • R. Kelly has finally spoken about his 14-year-old Jaya, who has come out as a transgender boy and changed his name to Jay. And, it would seem, R. Kelly isn’t so into it. [Jezebel]
  • In a fucked up case of “revenge porn,” an adult film actress tweeted out a naked picture of her ex-boyfriend, who just so happens to be a Republican politician’s chief of staff. [The Wire]
  • Eliza Dushku is newly single. [Boston Globe]
  • Beyoncé posted a cute pic of her little sis in honor of Solange’s birthday today. []
  • Why Jordan Younger of The Blonde Vegan announced she won’t be vegan anymore. [World Lifestyle]
  • Adam Levine says he didn’t call up and apologize to his ex-girlfriends, in case you were wondering why your phone wasn’t blowing up. [SiriusXM]

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[Images via GQ]