That Story About A Little Girl Being Kicked Out Of A KFC Because Of Her Facial Scars Was Apparently A Big Ol’ Hoax

Last week, you probably heard the story of a little girl who was kicked out of a KFC because, staff allegedly told her grandmother that her facial scars were “scaring people.” Three-year-old Victoria Wilcher has scars on her face leftover from a pitbull attack (shudder) and her family has been raising funds for surgery through GoFundMe. After the KFC story made headlines and went viral on the internet, KFC offered to donate $30,000 to Wilcher’s fund, while the public responded in droves and donations poured in to the tune of $135K. Doctors were even volunteering to waive their fees. Unfortunately, it turns out that Wilcher and her grandmother were never kicked out of a KFC — in fact, the whole thing was a hoax, concocted to help raise money for Wilcher’s surgery.

Apparently, the KFC franchise where the incident allegedly took place became suspicious and did some basic fact-checking, only to discover that Wilcher and her grandmother were not shown on any security camera footage and there was no record of their alleged food order that day. KFC has said that their offer to donate to Wilcher’s GoFundMe still stands regardless of whether the incident turns out to be total B.S. [Gawker]