New Item For Your Bucket List: An Ocean Massage

Floating in a calm ocean is super relaxing. And getting a massage is blissful. But what if you could do both at the SAME TIME?? Now you can, thanks to the One & Only Resort on Australia’s Hayman Island. The resort opens in July, and One & Only’s spa is offering a pretty drool-worthy incentive to book some time there: “Ocean Dreaming Massages,” AKA massages performed on the freakin’ ocean. Here’s the description from the spa website:

Float on the turquoise sea, surrounded by tropical fish, while warm waves of soothing massage take you to an entirely new sensory plane. Your therapist will create a full body massage tailored to your needs, applying warm botanical oils.

Umm … yes please!  They even apply your sunscreen for you! I want to go to there, like, now. Care to join me? [One & Only]