Man Sues British Airways For Sending Him To Grenada Instead Of Granada

Amelia McDonell-Parry | June 24, 2014 - 2:50 pm

He said “Granada,” British Airways heard “Grenada,” and that’s how Edward Gamson’s whole amazing vacation got called off. Gamson, a dentist, was super psyched to be headed to Granada, Spain (top), to explore his interest in Islamic art — until what should have been a two-hour flight (from London) turned into a nine-hour flight to Grenada, in the Caribbean (bottom). Oopsies!

Gamson told The Independent:I made it absolutely clear to the booking agent I wanted to go to Granada in Spain. Why on earth would I want to go to Grenada in the Caribbean if I was flying back to America from Lisbon?” Fuck if I know, but then again, my knowledge of geography is notoriously remedial, so I didn’t even know there was a difference between the two until just now. Maybe the agent needs to join me in 5th grade geography for a refresher?

Anyway, British Airways refused to take responsibility for the error and wouldn’t reimburse Gamson’s two $4,500 first class tickets. Having never made it to Granada, Gamson is now suing British Airways to the tune of $34,000 in damages.

Here’s the thing: Shouldn’t it have been a red flag that a supposed two-hour flight from London to Granada cost as much as it did? Also, why didn’t Gamson notice right away that the tickets were going to the wrong destination? I don’t think Gamson knew there was another Granada/Grenada either — until he ended up landing in the latter. Now that’s his oopsies. [TIME]