4-Year-Old Foils Babysitter’s Plan To Blame Staged Home Invasion/Robbery On Black Men

Kids say the darndest things — including the truth when you least expect it. Four year-old Abby Dean from Washington, Wisconsin, was chillin’ at home with her 17-year-old babysitter, when two men broke in the house and stole the family’s iPod, Xbox and Wii consoles. When the police arrived, the babysitter told officers that two armed Black men had broken into the house and stole the goods, and that one of the men look a lot like the Dean family’s next door neighbor. Based on this info, the police picked up neighbor Cody Oaks, who denied having anything to do with the crime. The first person to corroborate his story? Little Abby, who told police that despite what her babysitter said, Oaks wasn’t the right skin color — the robbers had been white not Black.

By now you’ve probably figured out that the babysitter lied about who broke into the house — because she, herself, was in on the crime. Turns out, she concocted the scheme with her boyfriend and his friend, i.e. the two dudes who actually broke into the house, clearly not planning on the fact that her little charge has two eyes and a nose for justice! After the family’s belongings were returned, Abby said, “They got them back because of me being a superhero.” Damn straight, cutie. [Fox 6 Now]