Scientists Gone Wild: Chemistry Professor Ejected From Classical Music Concert For Crowd Surfing

It’s happened to the best of us: you’re at a symphony concert, enjoying a rousing piece of classical music, when all of a sudden you are overcome with the urge to ROCK. Such was the case of Dr. David Glowacki, an internationally renowned chemistry professor who attended a symphony performance of Handel’s Messiah at a small theater in Bristol, England. Apparently Glowacki was so moved during the Hallelujah Chorus portion of the evening that he started fist pumping, yelled “Woo!!!” repeatedly, and then attempted to crowd surf. He was promptly ejected from the venue by the concert organizers, who accused him of being “very overexcited.” Glowacki’s response? “Classical music, trying to seem cool and less stuffy, reeks of some sort of fossilised art form undergoing a midlife crisis.” In layman’s terms, I think that translates to something along the lines of, “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!” [Metro]