Women Of Color Ask To Be Included In Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Program

  • Women and girls of color are asking to be included in President Obama’s new program “My Brother’s Keeper,” which is aimed at young men of color. Over a 1,000 women and 200 men have signed letters saying young girls should be targeted in the program, too. [Washington Post]
  • The New York Assembly passed the “Boss Bill” yesterday, which updates anti-discrimination laws by forbidding employers from discriminating against employees over their reproductive health decisions. Just another reason why I love New York! [RH Reality Check]
  • Hillary Clinton believes America should have federally mandated family leave (ya think?) but doesn’t expect that “politically, we could get it now.” Sadly, I think she’s probably correct. [The Atlantic]
  • On “family cap” laws, which refuse to provide additional welfare aid to families what have more children. [Slate]
  • A woman who worked as a security guard at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn is suing employer AEG for allegedly firing because she wears her hair in an Afro. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Are feminist-minded critical memes like the Bechdel test and manic pixie dream girls losing their power? [Flavorwire]
  • On why waiting for marriage to have children is becoming a thing of the past. [The Atlantic]
  • Lesbian rapper Siya from Brooklyn is on a new reality show “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop,” produced by T.I. and debuting later this summer. [AutoStraddle]
  • Meet 11-year-old Lucy Li, the California sixth-grader dominating the golf world. [Cosmopolitan]

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