I Am Obsessed With Taylor Swift’s Instagram Replies To Her Fans

Taylor Swift has been stoking the fire of her ever-obsessive fan base by sending surprise replies to her fans on Instagram these past few months. I would venture that she’s tagged in a lot of pictures, so I’m not sure how she chooses which ones to respond to, but they range from posts of fans who mention listening to her music, to concert photos, to paparazzi shots of her. The photo above was in response to a fan’s photo of she and her husband at one of Swift’s concerts years ago, telling her how connected she felt at the show.

Screengrabs of replies like this one (on user vancityswift’s account) have started to show up on Instagram:

“I’m so sorry you sprained your ankle. That’s AWFUL and I’ll bet it hurt so much. Ughh I’m so sorry. At least you have an excellent sense of humor about it and can laugh at yourself! Thanks for listening to my music in these not-so-mobile times you’re facing. Get well soon, Kaleigh!! (Auto correct tried to change the spelling of your name 4 times but I persevered. VICTORY.”

Another fan on the account letters2taylor received this note:

“Thank you so much for being at my show! I can’t believe you chose me over senior prom!”

This comment to dreamingswiftie, who cited Taylor as her inspiration to switch schools as a kid to get away from classmates who bullied her, is especially sweet:

Hey you — this meant the world to me. And it’s so great that you took a risk and switched schools and that you’re loving it!! I switched schools a few times growing up and it can be a terrifying decision that ends up becoming an exciting new adventure. your photo made me feel so grateful, you have no idea. I laughed when you said ‘people stared, it was awkward.’ You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear you say you’ll always be there for me. I hope you know how much it matters to me that you have let me be a part of your memories. I’m going to sleep..Night love.

I am melting. Even if it were publicity-driven (I’m going to err on the side of assuming she’s just being a nice person for the sake of it), how can you not fall apart just a little at how awesome these notes are? Her rep confirmed to the Washington Post that she runs her Instagram on her own instead of passing it off to an assistant, so it’s a pretty kind (and clever) gesture to be so loyal to her audience. Other celebs, take note: humility goes a long way!

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