“The Feminist Utopia Project” Imagines A World Without Misogyny

What would a feminist world look like? The Feminist Utopia Project anthology, which is currently in the making, aims to help us discover exactly that. Writers Alexandra Brodsky and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff are leading the project and are putting together a collection of pieces that will get us thinking about what life might be like in the absence of a patriarchal society. As they note on their website:

Too many of us know too intimately the ways sexism constrains our lives, limiting our opportunities, harming our bodies, reducing us. Often unspoken, though, is the way misogyny limits our imaginations. The ubiquity of sexism comes to feel like the inevitability of sexism. Electoral politics narrow our ambitions to preserving the rights we are told we can have rather than mobilizing for what should be.

What if, instead, we could dream of a future far better than what we’ve been told we’re worthy of? It’s hard to fathom how far-reaching our imaginations might be if men and women were on more equal footing in the world. Contributors to the project dream of a society in which access to a safe abortion is a given, and words used to diminish women suddenly lose their negative meaning. When put onto paper, those ideas hardly seem unreachable – and that’s the point. As Brodsky and Nalebuff say, misogyny doesn’t need to be inevitable, but we’ve been taught over the years that it is. By starting to collectively think about what could be, we’ll begin to find more possibilities of making a more equal planet come to life.

The project is collecting submissions through July 15, and interested writers can submit essays, short fiction, poetry or art.

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