Florida Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Law

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a law criminalizing a second- or third-trimester abortion after a doctor has determined a fetus could survive outside the womb. The law also removes the woman’s psychological distress as an exception for such an abortion.  [AP]
  • The United States Senate is expected to approve $41 million to test thousands of rape kits — used to collect DNA evidence following a sexual assault — gathering dust in crime labs. [Feminist.org]
  • The South Carolina state legislature is punishing colleges which assigned books about LGBTQ issues for summer reading by requiring the schools to now teach United States founding documents. They realize the Constitution doesn’t say anything about gays, right? [AutoStraddle]
  • Karachi, Pakistan, has its first-ever female police chief. [Feminist.org]
  • The city province of Alberta, Canada, has granted a new birth certificate to Wren Kauffman, a 12-year-old boy born into a female body. Previously, the city’s policy only allowed for a new birth certificate if a person had sex reassignment surgery (which obviously isn’t possible for a person going through puberty). [Cosmopolitan]
  • Meet 73 Black, brainy female scientists! [Clutch Magazine]
  • How pop culture helps reinforce abortion stigma — and can help end it. [Feministing]
  • Even Barbie is leaning in. [The Atlantic]
  • The city of St. Petersburg, Russia, has overturned the “gay propaganda” law, although the law remains in effect at a national level. [Queerty]
  • This nine-year-old girl is already being recruited by the University of Miami basketball team. [Clutch Magazine]

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