Even Brown Bears Like Oral Sex

Birds do it, bees do it … even brown bears in Croatia do it. The journal Zoo Biology in Croatia has observed brown bears performing oral sex on each other over a period of six years, witnessing it 28 times! But Live Science really buries the lead here: it’s not just that the bears were doing the nasty, but it was two male bears doing it.

But even after six years of observing ursus oral, scientists at the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Department of Wildlife Conservation aren’t convinced these guys fellate each other for pleasure. Instead, they think the critters just weren’t weaned properly. I find that hard to believe, given that Zoo Biology notes the bear who was always on the receiving end “appeared to reach orgasm from the sex act (which lasted for just a few minutes), as evidenced by muscular contractions and, well, fluids on the muzzle of the provider,” as Live Science put it.

I dunno, that sounds pretty pleasurable to me.

[Live Science]

[Image of brown bear via Shutterstock]