Beauty Test Drive: Benefit’s Porefessional For Pore Perfection

I have been blessed with fairly clear skin. I rarely get zits, so I only need a light foundation for my skin to look smooth and clear … at least from afar. But a closer look reveals some angry pores. As a teenager, I was obsessed with popping blackheads; so much so, I have scarred two of them into permanent mega pores. Meet Fred and Emily. Fred is a chill, laidback mega pore who lives on my cheek. Emily is a mean girl who lives on my nose and is determined to be the biggest bitch on my face.

In the warm summer months, these mega pores open even wider and resemble strange freckles.  They become vulnerable to gunk and have the potential to become pimples.  My husband has 20/20 vision and gets to stare into my large pores every morning. The horror! Luckily he loves me, so he loves Fred and Emily too. Anyway, my long-term solution to keeping my large pores clean is St. Ives facial scrub. For years, this scrub has been keeping my pores in check, but what about hiding the ones that are there? That’s where Benefit’s Porefessional comes in.

Price: $31, Benefit

Application: Put a small dot of Porefessional on your finger. Dab the product onto areas with large pores and smooth it in to fill pores and even the skin’s texture. Then apply your preferred foundation. I recommend liquid foundation with this product, but powder foundation works as well.

Results: My constant concern with pore fillers is clogged pores. Porefessional fills pores for a flawless face that lasts throughout the day and washes off at night. Personally, I’m comfortable enough with Fred and Emily at this point in my life that don’t feel the need to fill these pore pot holes every day. But I will be using this product for special events, especially during the warm months when they’re especially large.

Rating: 4/5