Study: Judges With Daughters Are More In Favor Of Women’s Rights

  • A judge with one or more daughters is more likely to vote in favor of women’s rights, according to a new study. See, personal experiences do influence judges. [New York Times]
  • More millenial moms are single than married, according to new research from Johns Hopkins. [TIME]
  • On how evictions hurt low-income women of color and why low wages only make the problem worse. [Washington Post]
  • Two abortion providers in Texas had their admitting privileges re-instated last week. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Colorado’s attorney general defended the state’s 2006 ban on gay marriage in court yesterday. Nine couples are challenging the ban, citing other states in the country that have overturned such bans. [Denver Post]
  • Are Black women being ignored by the Obama administration? [Salon]
  • On the dramatic history of America’s sex ed films. [Feministing]
  • Forced marriage is now illegal in England and Wales. [New York Times]
  • Across 24 languages, the most influential figures on Wikipedia are white, Western males. [Fast Company]
  • On the fetishization of Iranian women’s covered bodies. [New York Times]
  • The Strand, a bookstore in New York City, is being criticized for selling magnets that read “Prose Before Hoes.” [Gothamist]
  • A Brooklyn woman who jokingly started a petition for Beyonce and Jay Z to comb their daughter Blue Ivy’s hair tried to defend herself in a Facebook post. I get that it was a joke, but she seems to totally not understand why that’s fucking rude and racially problematic. [Madame Noire]

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