Alabama Joins 21st Century, Overturns Ban On Oral & Anal Sex

Welcome to the 21st century, Alabama!

On Friday, an appeals court in the state overturned the anti-sodomy law, which criminalized consensual oral and anal sex between unmarried partners. The great state of AL punished “any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one and the mouth or anus of another” with a year in prison or hard labor or up to a $2,000 fine. The law was meant to harass and intimidate gays in particular — I mean, you know they weren’t going after teen boys getting BJs from their girlfriends in the backseat of their pickup trucks. 

The 2003 Supreme Court decision Lawrence vs. Texas actually invalidated anti-sodomy laws throughout the country, rendering them legally unenforceable. Yet there are still a dozen states who maintain anti-sodomy laws, just to be dicks. On Friday, the AL Court Of Criminal Appeals ruled the state’s ban was unconstitutional, referencing a case in which a man named Dewayne Williams was found guilty of having consensual sex with another man in 2010 and had been sentenced to a year in jail for it. Williams’ conviction has now been overturned.

Butt fuck away, Alabama!

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