10 Things You Should Always Buy In Bulk

I’ve been trying really hard to live a more minimalist lifestyle lately. I’m super choosy about the clothes I buy, have been cutting down on clutter like whoa, and am aiming to live in a super cozy storage container within the next 10 years. Now, that being said, no matter how much I trim down my earthly possessions, you will never catch me without a massive stockpile of cute greeting cards and a wallet full of fresh stamps. There are some things that, no matter how much you simplify and streamline, you should always have on hand. Always. Here are 10 more of them:

1. Toilet paper. This one’s a given, right?

2. Lip balm. Ideally you’ll have one for every purse, every desk drawer, and every cup holder in your car.

3. Nail polish remover. You know that terrible moment, when you’re late for a dinner party or a job interview and look down and realize your nail polish is chipped to hell? That moment is the reason to always have nail polish remover on hand, always.

4. That one style of bra that fits you perfectly. Same with jeans. Once you find your own holy grail of lingerie or denim, stock up.

5. Contact solution. Don’t let those babies dry out!

6. Bobbypins and hair ties. God knows where they go — I’m still voting alternate universe — but they will go somewhere, and fast, and you’ll wish you’d bought at least two extra packs.

6. Garlic and olive oil. Good luck doing much of anything in the kitchen without these two staples.

7. Batteries. One of those things you never have when you really, really need them.

8. Hostess gifts. A friend’s mom took me aside and gave me this bit of advice when I was in high school, and she was so serious about it I felt like I was being inducted into a secret coven of Grown Woman Knowledge. She said, “pick a go-to hostess gift, like an inexpensive but pretty candle, and buy 50 of them, and keep them in your closet. You will be glad you did.”

9. Razor blades for your razor. Because shaving with a dull blade is the goddamn worst.

10. Tampons. I always buy a few boxes at a time and distribute one into each of my purses right off the bat. Better safe than sorry, right?

[Photo via Shutterstock]