The Toy Box: Reviewing The LELO Ora Oral Sex Simulator

My first thought upon opening my new LELO Ora Oral Sex Simulator was “How the hell does this thing work?” My second thought was, “Who cares how it works? This is the prettiest sex toy I’ve ever seen.” It could honestly pass for something Kate Middleton would use, because it’s gold and fancy and doesn’t LOOK like a sex toy. It’s refined. The Queen would probably mistake it for, like, a new age baby monitor or something.

Anyway, I took the toy out of it’s box and inspected it for a bit. About five inches around, it looks like a lopsided disc with an off-center hole. On the inside is shiny silver brass (or something that feels like metal), and on the outside, a thin layer of silky smooth, royal blue silicone. One small area on the outer curve of the toy is flat, which allows the vibrator to rest upright if placed on that surface, AND is also where the magic happens. Fun fact: It’s also waterproof, but I have yet to try it in the tub.

Designed to stimulate oral sex, and dubbed “The World’s Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator,” the Ora was a toy I was definitely eager to try, especially since oral sex never really does it for me. I’m a penetration gal. After plugging the Ora into an outlet to briefly charge it (it glows while it’s charging— so pretty), I turned it on and felt small beads moving underneath the flat, thin side of the toy. You’re instructed to rest the “moving” flat area against your clitoris, which will then be stimulated with various circular strokes, fast flicks and pulsing vibrations, much like the actions of a tongue.

It started out on the “circular strokes” mode, which felt pretty amazing — very similar to a tongue. I flipped through the other nine sensations, which also felt good, but not as good, and ended up back at the first, which was my favorite. Each mode, which ranges from fast flicks to circular strokes and a combination of each, has three vibration settings. I then switched through the 10 stimulation settings, playing around with various vibration intensities, and found that some were more pleasurable with more vibration, and others with less.

But THEN I discovered the “Intense Mode” option. If you so desire, you have the ability to increase the toy’s power to “Intense Mode,” which boosts the strength of the highest power level by 30 percent. The beauty of this toy is that you can choose from tons of strengths, stimulations and vibrations to find the setting that works for you. From long waves to short pulses and heavy vibrations to fast flicks, it’s almost impossible to not find a setting that will get you off.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to graduate from the seductive swirl to the fast flicks on intense mode, and well … you know what happens then. In my opinion, my orgasm with the Ora was equal to my orgasm from actual oral sex (which is usually pretty rare). Another cool feature is that it remembers which mode you kept on the longest, so the next time you turn it on, it’s ready to give you the pleasure you want. Even though it took me a while to figure out what the various buttons would do (and I’m still learning), I would definitely recommend the Ora. It may take you a while to figure out which setting feels best and how the heck to find it, but once you do, you’ll be very satisfied.

Check out this video to see how it works, and purchase your own Ora here!