It Happened In Florida: Woman Busted With 7 Stolen Lobster Tails Stuffed Down Her Pants (And She’s A Juggalo!)

Never change, Florida, never change. Meet Nichole Ann Reed, a 30-year-old Juggalo (whose Facebook says her most recent job was “eating them” at “The Dark Carnival”) who was recently busted by security for stealing seven frozen lobster tails from a Publix supermarket in DeLand. (Remember, sticky-fingered Floridians, Publix has security cameras.) Security footage showed Reed stuffing the tails down her pants and police picked her up a few hours later. And get this: she wasn’t even planning on eating them! Reed told police that she was either going to trade the lobster tails with a friend in exchange for a Chinese buffet lunch or the opiate Dilaudid. Tough decision, truly — and one she won’t have to make now that she’s in the clink. [Crime Feed]