Beauty Test Drive: TopShop Molten Eyes In Pocket Money

Sometimes we receive beauty products that make me feel like a kid again. A metallic eye pencil, for example, reminds me of raiding my older sister’s makeup bag and creating Cyndi Lauper-inspired eyes. When Topshop’s Molten Eyes arrived at my desk, I jumped at the chance to experiment with a wearable version of Cyndi Lauper’s look.

Price: $14, Topshop

Application: To create this look, I combined Molten Eye and two Sephora eye shadow colors. Starting with the Molten Eye pencil, I lined the bottom lid with silver.I thought about stopping right then and there, but I thought, What would Cyndi do? Add more silver, duh.

Using the Molten Eye pencil, I lined the top lash line and lid crease with silver. Then using my finger, I blended the silver into the lid.

Beauty Test Drive Molten Eye Step 1

Next up, I added some of my go-to Sephora eye shadow colors. These shadows already have a slight shimmer, but when layered over the Molten Eye pencil, my eye makeup was straight up DIVA. Using the light powder, I highlighted the center of each eyelid and brow bone. Then using the medium purple shadow, I darkened the crease.

Beauty Test Drive: Step 4 of Molten Eye pencil

Last but not least, I lined the top lid with Topshop’s Magic Eyeliner and finished the whole look with Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.

Results: I felt like this was a bit much for the office, but Katie and Jessica both exclaimed with approval. I liked both the look of a simple line on the lower lid and the more glam layered results. Instead of getting a new shadow palette for a festive, nighttime look, I totally recommend using this pencil to add some serious drama to your favorite daytime shadows.

Rating: 4/5