More Men Than Usual Are Buying Sex Toys This Week Thanks To The World Cup

On any typical day, sex toy sales are divided pretty equally between men and women buyers. But not today, my friends… today is different.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup beginning tomorrow in Brazil, new research conducted by sex toy brand LELO has determined that we can expect men to buy four out of every five sex toys sold globally in the days leading up to kick-off (that’s today, you guys!). The good news? Men are buying these toys for their partners. Cha-ching!

During the week prior to any major sporting event, men are usually responsible for 72 percent of total sex toy sales. But for whatever reason, sales to men are expected to reach an all-time high this week, skyrocketing to 80 percent before tomorrow’s big game. This phenomenon is happening all over the world, from the UK to the USA and beyond, and the same trend has been observed prior to The Super Bowl in America, the Tour de France, Champions League final in Europe and other big sports games.

Whether men are buying their partners toys because they feel guilty that they’ll soon abandon their ladies and station themselves in front of their TV sets, or simply because sports make men horny (admit it), you won’t find me complaining. This also might explain why Qatar’s new stadium, which will house the 2022 World Cup, looks like a giant vagina.

If any of you men out there want to hop on the sex toy bandwagon (and avoid complaints about your partners becoming Soccer Widows), today’s the last day you can purchase a toy from LELO and receive free shipping by using the code BRAZIL. (Hint, hint.) [LELO]