Four Women Busted For Strip Club Roofie/Blackmail Scheme

A heart surgeon, a hedge fund manager, a financial manager, and a lawyer walk into a bar …

But nope, this is not a joke: these four men have all been victims of a convoluted extortion plot. Usually when you read about someone being blackmailed with incriminating photos, it’s a woman who is a victim of “revenge porn.” But these guys recently were the victims of a cuh-razy drug/robbery/blackmail scheme by four exotic dancers they met up with at bars.

As The New York Post explains, it started like this: over the past four months, these guys all met up with four different exotic dancers at bars and restaurants in the city. The women, who knew each other from stripping, would set up a “date” with the guys, then drug them with ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and methylone. They’d bring the drugged men either to Scores, a famous strip club in Manhattan, or a strip club in Queens. The guys’ credit cards would be stolen, charges would be rung up, and their signatures would be faked (or the guys would sign the receipts while they were drugged and unsure of what they were signing). In some cases, the men were taken to hotels — including the ritzy Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan — and photographed in compromising positions.

The women rang up a whopping $200,000 in charges with these four men. The guys may not have remembered the morning afterward, but they sure as hell knew when they were notified by their credit card companies about suspicious charges! Scores even tried to sue one victim for $135,000 that had been rung up on his card when he’d been drugged. According to the Post, when the guys confronted these women about the charges, they blackmailed the men with the compromising photos. A law enforcement source told ABC News that the women threatened to send the incriminating pics to their employers and the media.

Four dancers and one strip club manager have been arrested. Jeez, what a crazy, fucked up story! It is dismaying to me, though, that this story is getting so much attention because wealthy men were blackmailed. That’s disgusting and scary, to be sure, and all the perpetrators belong behind bars. Yet women are drugged (‘roofied’) and raped/sexually assaulted far more often than something like this happens. Just because it doesn’t involve lots of money or wealthy finance dudes, it isn’t front page news?

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