New Reality Show “Born In The Wild” Depicts Moms Giving Birth In The Forest

Childbirth is a miracle. It’s a miracle that I intend to experience (hypothetically, in the distant future, maybe) with an epidural and as many pain-numbing drugs as they’ll give me.

Some moms-to-be go the other extreme: giving birth outdoors, literally on the floor of the fuckin’ woods, sans a doctor. And because this is America, there’s a new Lifetime reality show about them called “Born In The Wild.”

According to Lifetime, “Born In The Wild” will “document the journeys of young, expectant parents who have chosen to give birth ‘in the wild.'” All moms will be healthy and have delivered a baby previously before. Also, they are not really without a medical professional or in the “wild”: the couples get to choose an outdoors location, but it has to be within a certain radius of a hospital, and there will be an EMT on hand. So basically this is just a reality show about home births that happen to take place out-of-doors.

All reasonable aspects of childbirth should be the mom’s decision. If you want to give birth at home, outdoors, on a boat, in a bathtub? Go for it. I don’t care where it is as long as there reasonable precautions taken. And while Lifetime will undoubtedly portray these moms as hippie dippies, I can actually understand wanting to commune with nature during childbirth. (I’ll confess to having had similar desires myself … although granted I had been smoking pot all weekend). But what I do object to is how a reality show like this creates dramatic tension over what could possibly go horribly wrong, glamorizing the riskiness of what could be the life-or-death of an infant. Maybe I just think that childbirth is too much of a sacred cow, but it feels icky to me that people could be entertained by perceived danger to a newborn.

However, I’ll reserve my judgment until I actually see the show and how it handles the births. Who knows? Maybe in a few years “wild” births will be so hot that we’ll all be giving birth in a cold stream.

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