Beauty Test Drive: BareSkin Foundation By Bare Essentials

Bare Minerals turned me onto powder foundations eight years ago. I loved the lightweight and medium coverage of their products. This year, Bare Minerals has launched a liquid foundation called BareSkin, an ultra thin formula that promises bright, more even toned skin. So … does it work?

Price: $29, Bare Essentials

Application: Shake bottle well.Then apply small amount on the back of your hand. Note: This product is runny! Put too much on your hand and you will make a mess. Swirl the foundation brush in the product on your hand. Use the brush to lightly buff the foundation into your skin.  A thin layer provides even coverage.

Results: The product itself is lighter than most foundations. The brush is soft and gentle on the face. The product looks great, but I found my skin feeling greasy after five hours. I don’t have particularly oily skin, but certain liquid foundations bring out my oily side — this happens to be one of them. If you’re looking for a lightweight liquid foundation, this is a nice option and is offered in a variety of shades, but I won’t be adopting this product into my beauty routine. 

Rating: 3/5