Found: An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Swiffer Sweepers

I am one of those people who doesn’t mind messiness as long as I don’t see it. This is why many of my drawers are stuffed with receipts and knick knacks, my bathroom cabinets are horrifically disorganized, and the top of my TV has never known the sweet touch of a dust rag. This is also why I love carpet — dirt, hair, dust, and a multitude of other slovenly sins can just be crammed down into it until you get around to vacuum. Out of sight, out of mind. Gross? Maybe, but it’s the truth.

Carpets might be a lazy cleaner’s dream, but our new house has hardwood floors, which means the presence of dirt, hair, lint, dust, and crumbs are painfully obvious. They require a daily sweep to keep under control, and our regular broom wasn’t cutting it. I was tempted by the siren song of Swiffer sweepers, the ones with the disposable microfiber cloths, but every time I went to the store to buy one I would stop and think about how much waste those products create. Throwing away a cloth pretty much every time you sweep the floor? Buying tons of refills? The thought hurt my hippie heart.

Luckily, a couple weeks ago I found an awesome, earth-friendly alternative: the Libman Wet & Dry Microfiber Mop. It’s pretty much a Swiffer sweeper, but with a reusable microfiber cloth instead of a disposable one. The 360-degree swivel head makes it super easy to use. Once you’re done mopping up dirt, you just toss the mop head in the washing machine (or hand wash) and it comes out good as new, ready to use again, up to 100 times. You can use it wet or dry on any hard floor surface, and it picks up everything: pet hair, dirt, dust, crumbs, spilled liquids. EVERYTHING.

It’s not just the reusable mop head that’s eco-friendly: Libman products are made and packaged with recycled/recyclable materials, and the company is committed to sustainability. Oh, and did I mention their products are made in the USA? Yep. When compared to most Swiffer products, which are made in China, marketed with repulsively sexist ads, and create a massive amount of waste, can you see why I’ve become a Libman fan girl?

Next time you’re in the market for a floor cleaner, I highly recommend this one. For someone who’s more than willing to dust things under the rug, literally, my sparkling clean floors are proof that I no longer have to.

[Libman Microfiber Floor Mop: $12.99, Amazon]