Three Georgia High School Student Athletes Charged For Alleged Post-Prom Sexual Assault

  • Three student athletes from Calhoun High School in Georgia have been charged with sexual battery after allegedly sexually assaulting a drunk 18-year-old girl after a post-prom party on May 11th. The alleged assault took place at a cabin in the woods of Gilmer County, where nearly 30 students partied and drank after prom. During the night, Fields Chapman, Andrew Haynes, and Avery Johnson allegedly inserted a “foreign object” into the young woman’s vagina, causing tearing and “substantial” trauma, according to police. A fourth boy was reportedly in the room barricading the door shut or keeping watch for other partygoers; it is unclear whether charges will be filed against him. Interestingly, two of the young men have been previously arrested for underage drinking. Even though it makes me sick to my stomach that this is still happening, it really seems that Steubenville and other high-profile incidents are pressuring people, including law enforcement, to take stories of this kind seriously. [Jezebel; Atlanta Journal Constitution]
  • In an effort to combat teen pregnancy, a school district in Marion County, Oregon, is letting some teachers distribute condoms to students as young as sixth grade. Students must specifically ask for the condoms from certain teachers. [CBS12]
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