“The Bachelorette” Superlatives: The Most Emotionally Manipulative Date Ever!

There should be some sort of adult lady merit badge for sitting through four hours of “The Bachelorette” in 48 hours. I’m just saying. Let’s review last night’s episode, which featured the most emotionally manipulative date I’ve ever witnessed on this stupid show that I just can’t quit, not to mention an unexpected departure.


Okay, so I did not see this coming. Eric Hill, the contestant who passed a few months ago, after he stopped filming the show, was given the boot last night, but before the rose ceremony, after he and Andi got into a disagreement when he said she always had a poker face. Basically, Andi took that to mean he was saying she was fake. Which I think he kind of was, in that he clearly hates all the “Bachelorette” pageantry and kept saying he wanted to see her be more “real.” The fight seemingly escalated out of nowhere, so my hunch is that a lot was edited out so that Eric didn’t look as dickish as he was clearly coming off to Andi, who was seriously infuriated and upset by his words. Personally, I thought Eric was being passive aggressively insulting to Andi, and that it takes a lot of nerve to tell someone you’re just starting to get to know what parts of them you like and which you don’t. I was glad to see Andi give him the boot, and I imagine it was crushing to learn only a few weeks later that he had passed away. After Eric drove away in a cab, ABC ditched the usual rose ceremony portion — Tasos got the boot, we learned later — in favor of a short interview between Andi and Chris about Eric and his departure. It was a classy move on ABC’s part, but also an attempt to spin his being booted from the show out of respect for his family and to save face for themselves.

Roses: Josh, JJ, Nick, Marcus, Brian, Marquel, Cody, Patrick, Chris, Dylan and Andrew

Eliminated: Eric and Tasos