RIP Society: Now There’s A Petition To Classify Feminism As A Terrorist Group

A group of angry wackos are petitioning the United States government to classify feminism as a terrorist group. Yes, you can read that again.

The petition’s creator, Janet Wilkinson, included the following statement on its homepage (complete with Wilkinson’s typos left in for, ahem, clarity):

Over the years feminism has constantly attacked men and women for choosing to live their lives the way they want to. These actions have now progressed to physical violence where we have seen feminists violently attack men who are concerned about mens issues.Repeated attacks in Canada and elseware have left many injured and maimed. Another feminist cell activated recently and is planning on attacking another talk for men in the US. Its time we stopped the violence, its time we put a stop to the hatred feminists are constantly generating. Its time we stopped womens studied courses from brainwashing women into thinking they are victims. Its time these misandric loonatics are stopped.

I think this would be a good time to clarify, again, that feminism is a movement for equal rights between men and women. Feminism has nothing to do with any kind of hatred of men or genders going to battle against one another.

After looking at some of the comments left by the petition’s supporters, it would seem that this definition still isn’t clear:

“It’s time to stop the war on men & boys. It is physically & emotionally destructive to men & boys. Women do NOT deserve more rights, legal protections, or government funding then men. Support EQUAL RIGHTS for men.”

Another supporter of the petition, who I’m too disgusted with to even quote, compared the feminist movement to Nazism. What. The. Fuck. Another supporter claims that the movement is “undermining the shared moral values that hold our society together.” Hateful, misinformed crap like this just solidifies how badly feminism is needed in the first place. The petition has 1,372 reached signatures out of its goal of 1,500, and is gaining more every few minutes. Maybe the people behind this bullshit should spend more energy focusing on, oh, I don’t know, actual national issues like real terrorist groups.

[Image of a woman rolling her eyes via Shutterstock]