Girls Asked To Leave School Over Visible Bra Straps

  • As many as 30 girls were sent home from high schools in Canada last week for wearing sleeveless shirts or tank tops that exposed bra straps. At one high school, boys in sleeveless shirts were also sent home from school. However, the girls were specifically told that their bra straps would be a “distraction” for male students — in other words, boys will be boys.  [Think Progress]
  • Sudan denied that prisoner Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, who is on death row for marrying a Christian man despite being born to an Islamic father, will be released. [CNN]
  • Oh, look, a documentary about Roseanne Barr’s 2012 presidential bid you didn’t ask for! [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Police in India sprayed water cannons on citizens who protested the recent gang rape and murder of two cousins. Police reportedly took 12 hours to search for the missing girls and two of the four suspects are actually police officers. [Think Progress]
  • A former Starbucks employee in Manhattan has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, claiming that after she informed her manager of the sexual touching and comments from her male colleagues, she was fired. [Syracuse]
  • Columbia University alumni met this weekend to establish proposals to reform the school’s sexual assault policies. [Columbia Spectator]
  • Concealed-carry permits for guns have rocketed in Washington State for women. [Seattle Times]
  • Nitasha Tiku, the co-editor of Valleywag, on how to get girls into coding. [New York Times]
  • It’s been 50 years since female students shattered the glass ceiling at Princeton University, matriculating into classes side-by-side with men. [The Daily Princetonian]
  • On the pros and cons of the term “slut shaming.” [Nerdy Feminist]

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