Casey Kasem’s Wife Throws Raw Meat At His Daughter, Paramedics

  • Legendary radio host Casey Kasem has been hospitalized in Washington State after a dramatic incident yesterday where his wife threw raw hamburger meat at his daughter. Kerri Kasem arrived at her 82-year-old dad’s home with an ambulance to transport him medical help. But his wife Jean Kasem, would not let the paramedics inside and instead threw raw meat at them, while ranting about “King David” and “wild dogs.” Eventually, paramedics were allowed inside and transported Casey Kasem to the hospital. He is reportedly suffering from dementia, bedsores, and other illnesses. [People, TMZ]
  • “The fire to inspire women and help them to blaze new paths burns fiercely inside me” is how Tyra Banks announces her new daytime talk show debuting in 2015. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Uh oh: 50 Cent is dishing about Beyoncé and how she “bugged out” on him once in Las Vegas over real or perceived issues Fiddy was having with Jay Z. He told a radio show that “That Bonnie and Clyde [sic] for real … I looked and Jay starts laughing. He’s like, ‘You, you know what it is.'” Confrontation seems to run in the Knowles family. [US Weekly]
  • Andy Cohen is shopping a new reality TV show called “I Slept With A Celebrity.” Thanks, Andy, now celebs will never sleep with us normals. [Variety]
  • Director Peter Rodger, the father of Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger, who killed seven people, met with Richard Martinez, the father of one of his son’s victims. Martinez told a radio station the two “plan to work together so other families such as ours will not suffer.” [People]
  • “Veronica Mars” actress Kristen Bell, Hunter Parrish from “Weeds,” and “Glee” stars Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz will be appearing in an upcoming production of the musical “HAIR” at the Hollywood Bowl. [Broadway World]=
  • Simon & Schuster just paid six figures for a popular online One Direction fan fiction about an 18-year-old girl who “meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many piercings and tattoos.” And you have been working on your novel for how long? []
  • Here’s an “Orange Is The New Black” season one refresher course for everyone who has forgotten where we ended last summer. [Flavorwire]
  • Eight things about The Fault In Our Stars author John Green from his Reddit AMA. [BuzzFeed]
  • Go deep into an academic analysis of 50 Shades Of Grey. [Guardian UK]
  • A fake nurse on Tinder is advising dudes to get prostate exams. [Jezebel]
  • “Les Miserables” star Eddie Redmayne  is engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Hanna Bagshawe. Congrats! [US Weekly]
  • “Key & Peele” will introduce a ‘Hillary Clinton anger translator’ next season. []
  • Jason Ritter will guest star on this season of “Girls.” [TVline]
  • The remaining members of the Beastie Boys are in court battling Monster drinks, who allegedly used their songs in promotional material without permission. [The Daily Swarm]

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