6 Things To Know About Nat Wolff, Co-Star Of “The Fault In Our Stars”

From the moment the trailer for “The Fault In Our Stars” was posted on January 29, it took less than two months for the clip to become the most “liked” movie trailer on YouTube. (FYI: With four days until the film’s nationwide release on June 6, the clip currently clocks in at over 19.7 million “likes” and 302K thumbs up.) In other words, the book has moved beyond being a YA must-read and evolved into a cross-generational, pop-culture sensation—and one that doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves, either. In fact, it’s about kids with cancer, so put that in your dystopian fiction pipe and smoke it.

For as much as fans and critics are obsessed with seeing how the relationship between lead characters Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) develops on-screen, the supporting cast is not one to be underestimated. Case in point: Nat Wolff, who plays Isaac, a fellow member of the cancer patients’ support group. Though only 19, Wolff already has a pretty long acting resume, including scene-stealing appearances in movies like “Admission” and “Stuck In Love.” Plus, ever since he was 11, Wolff has performed with his younger brother, Alex; the two formed The Naked Brothers Band in 2005, which spawned a movie and TV series for Nickelodeon. (The duo currently performs under the name Nat & Alex and will release two new songs, “The Last Station” and “Blues,” on June 5.)

Glimpses of Wolff’s broad acting range and budding star-power can also be currently seen in “Palo Alto,” the directorial debut from Gia Coppola, which is based on James Franco’s book of short stories with the same name. After the release of “Fault,” Wolff is set to appear with Selena Gomez in “Behaving Badly,” slated to come out this fall. Plus, he’s also teaming back up with the writing team from “Fault” for the film adaptation of another one of John Green’s bestsellers, “Paper Towns.”

All that said, let’s take a minute to learn more about Nat Wolff now before he becomes a really big deal later.

1. Acting and music runs in the family. His mother, Polly Draper, is an actress who’s appeared in shows like “thirtysomething” and “Gideon’s Crossing,” while his father, Michael Wolff, is a jazz pianist. [IMDB]

2. Wolff had his first kiss when he was 12. It was at a school dance. How romantique! [Seventeen]

3. Though it was never confirmed, Wolff was linked to fellow Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove for nearly three years. Allegedly, the two broke up in 2011, assuming they even dated in the first place, of course. [Celebuzz]

4. He’s pretty “method.” For his role as Isaac in “The Fault In Our Stars,” Wolff wore blackout contact lenses so he could experience the loss of sight while his character slowly went blind in the film. [The Wire]

5. A native New Yorker, Wolff recently moved out of his parents’ place and into his own apartment in the East Village. His neighbor? Michael H. Weber, the co-screenwriter of “Fault” and “Paper Towns.” Also, Amelia, sort of. [Out Magazine]

6. He’s close with his costars. During the production of “Palo Alto,” Wolff and co-star Jack Kilmer became instant friends, partly because they lived together in a garage for the duration of filming. Seriously. The garage belonged to director Gia Coppola’s mom and the two young gents slept next to each other in twin beds. [Buzz Sugar]