4 Reasons You Should Consider A Wedding Planner

Do you remember being a kid and showing up at your birthday party simply to have fun? The pizza, the cake, crafts, clown, balloons, goodie bags, music, all just magically appeared and your only responsibility was to have a blast? If so, email your parents a thank you.

No party, big or small, happens without a significant amount of planning, blood, sweat and tears. A wedding reception is no exception. So many couples seek to create a unique experience that reflects their personal style, choosing unique event spaces, crafty décor and various surprise touches.  A wedding planner or month-of coordinator can make the difference between colossal disaster and the party of the year.

1. Making Your Dream A Reality: Even if you have a specific idea in mind, executing that idea within budget is often a challenge. A wedding planner can not only give much needed advice on which DJ can customize a Caribbean playlist, which vendor can provide the ’40s-era furniture, where to rent affordable “Princess Bride” costumes, and provide a reality check on the logistics of having a donkey involved. Your planner will listen to your vision and counsel you on the items that will have the greatest impact.

2. Staying Within Your Budget: If you’re planning a wedding, be aware of the hidden costs. Even a wedding hall that provides the cost per head may charge separately for room rental and décor. Plan on skipping the cake and opting for a candy bar? You’ll still need large serving dishes and serving spoons. Not to mention, you’ve got to tip every member of the staff, including the hall director, for all of his or her assistance. A wedding planner will make sure your grand total factors in every hidden cost and doesn’t come as a shock.

3. Peace Of Mind: No matter how much you plan and how experienced your vendors are, something will go wrong.  The father of the bride’s car broke down, a sudden downpour separates guests from the bathroom, the best man has disappeared at the time of his toast, or the photo booth hasn’t arrived (which is what happened at my wedding). No bride or groom wants to spend 20 minutes locating dad or calling a missing vendor. A wedding planner will absorb the stress by anticipating, reacting, and resolving these issues for you.

4. The Clean Up: Most venues will give you an hour to clean house. This means all the framed photos, extra favors, candles, centerpieces, stringed lights, and rented furniture you so lovingly set up hours ago must be removed ASAP. A wedding planner will manage vendor departures, collect all of your personal belongings, and confirm that everything is taken care of as you enjoy your after party.