“Undateable” Actor Chris D’Elia Calls #YesAllWomen “Terrible” And “Shitty”

During a chat with HuffPo Live on Thursday, comedian Chris D’Elia, who stars in some sure-to-be-canceled show called “Undateable,” decided to weigh in on the Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen. To recap: the hashtag was launched following last Friday’s mass murder near UC Santa Barbara, which shooter Elliot Rodger justified in a misogyny-drenched, 137-page manifesto and in a YouTube video called “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution.” Twitter was flooded with stories from women of having their personhood violated by men assuming ownership, just as Rodger felt that women owed him sex, love, attention, and adoration, and intended on killing them for not delivering it. These stories illustrated what women fear even if “not all men” engage in those behaviors. While upsetting, it was inspiring to see women of all sorts come together in solidarity to share their stories. Chris D’Elia, it seems, wasn’t as impressed:

“I think that it’s terrible that a lot of these people tweeting about this—using this hashtag—I think that it’s a little bit shitty to what actually happened. I think that what happened was terrible, people died, and somebody’s like, ‘A guy looked at my butt, that’s not cool, #yesallwomen’? I think that that’s kind of rude to the people that lost their lives.”

Talk about missing the entire point. What led Elliot Rodger to commit this heinous crime was a perfect storm of factors, but at the heart of his motivation was misogyny. And it’s misogyny that’s all too familiar to women, which is why the hashtag took off. These things don’t happen in a vacuum — we live in a culture of misogyny that is so pervasive and insidious that guys like Chris D’Elia can’t bear to deal with it because it would mean actually reexamining their whole worldview. But as #YesAllWomen so perfectly shows, women are forced to deal with it. Taking measures to protect ourselves, in ways big and small, has become second nature, and yet we still live in fear of the wrath of male entitlement. So, sorry not sorry to be rude, but cry me a fucking river, Chris D’Elia.

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