Trans Woman Schools Rush Limbaugh On Trans Rights And Anal Sex (And He Kinda Listens!)

Listen, I’m not about to throw Rush Limbaugh a parade or anything, but perhaps for the first time in his life, the conservative shock jock actually let a critic get a word in edgewise. Via Jezebel, a trans woman named Tina called into Limbaugh’s radio show to criticize his coverage of TIME’s Laverne Cox/trans rights cover story. When Rush rather annoyingly claimed he’s “been for trannies for a long time,” the caller enlightened him to the fact that, yes, “tranny” is still considered an offensive slur even though Alec Baldwin used it that one time. Then, seemingly having Limbaugh’s attention, she went on to explain just some of the prejudices she faces as a trans woman:

“One of the things about being transgender is that whatever somebody’s sexual preference is, you’re not it. Gay men don’t want anything to do with effeminate types and straight men don’t want to have anything to do with people who’ve got wrong plumbing or wrong history and lesbian women are interested in certain things that’s just never gonna be the same no matter how much surgery you have, so that definitely is a problem.”

That Limbaugh didn’t launch into ridiculing her in some fashion, and actually paused and shut up and maybe actually listened, is kind of a miracle when you consider his track record. Next, Rush was eager to know some deets about doing the nasty — like what happens if things are getting hot and heavy with someone who doesn’t know you’re trans?

“Well a lot of times people have oral sex or anal sex in the dark,” Tina said.

“Oh, that’s right, I didn’t even think of that!” Rush said. “Oh, you’re right, because everybody has — Oh, gee.”

Yes, Rush, that’s right. We all have assholes. And gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever, we can all use our assholes for sex, if we want. See! We all have something in common. [Jezebel]