This Video Of Women Seeing Their Vaginas For The First Time Is Surprising Sweet (SFW)

I’ve looked at my own vagina a few times, but two instances in particular are memorable. The first time I got a completely bare wax, I had barely recovered from the final strip being ripped from my labia when the waxer stuck a hand mirror between my legs and was like, “Good?” It was the first time I was seeing the thing unencumbered by any hair whatsoever and it happened rather unexpectedly, so my reaction was one of mild shock and awe. Oh hello there. You look different naked. The second memorable moment of eye contact between me and my vagina was during a visit to my gynecologist, when my doc asked if I wanted to see my cervix. This encounter was fascinating because “HELLLLOOOOOOO DOWN THEEREEEEE!” but also disturbing because “WOW, that thing is gonna have to expand a whole lot more to push a baby head out someday. WTF.”

Anyway, my point is that looking at your vagina from time to time is a good idea. The women above had never looked at their vaginas before, for a variety of interesting reasons, but decided to face their fears by stepping into YouTube user Davey Wavey’s Vagina Booth. At first I thought this project might be a little exploitative — why is this dude trying to help women face their vaginas? — but the process appears to be totally respectful and the end result is sweet and kind of moving. Check it out! And then grab a hand mirror and do some below the belt exploration of your own. [Gawker]

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