10 Stories That Prove Good Things Are Happening In The World

This past week was ROUGH. Between the misogyny-fueled massacre in Santa Barbara and the misogynist backlash that followed (not to mention the passing of Maya Angelou and an array of other sad stories), if you paid any attention to the news or the internet this week, there’s a very good chance you lost whatever faith in humanity you had left. There’s a lot of shitty things going on in the world right now, yes, but let’s not forget there are positive things happening too. Here are 10 recent stories — some silly, some serious, all uniquely life-affirming — that prove we shouldn’t give up hope just yet…

1. This Finnish guy who is BFF status with a black bear that doesn’t eat him:

2. These students who created an app to help their classmates find the safest route to school:

3. This goat that ended a hunger strike after being reunited with its best friend, a donkey named Jellybean:

4. This Portland bus driver who found a barefoot toddler wandering into traffic, grabbed him, and let him drink hot chocolate on the bus until he could be reunited with his father:

5. This zombie-themed wedding:

Zombie Gay Wedding

6. This preschooler who wants to be Batman when he grows up:

7. This beautiful new line of “monokinis” for breast cancer survivors:

Monokinis for breast cancer survivors

8. These kids who invented a packable bedroom/classroom for students in disaster zones:

10. These men who get it: