Style Stealer: Claire Danes Dresses Down To Run Errands

Once upon a time, back when the internet was still relatively new and my parents house only had a dial-up modem, I was obsessed with Claire Danes. I used to spend hours looking at photos of her on her most popular fan site. I say hours because back in ye olden days, photos didn’t just LOAD all at once, lickity split fast, they revealed themselves slowwwwly, one segment of pixels at a time. Anyway, I was so interested in looking like Claire Danes and her character on “My So Called Life,” Angela Chase, that I was willing to waste hours of my time starring at a computer screen waiting for pictures of her to load so I could stare at them and compare myself and feel ugly and wonder if dying my hair Crimson Glow would change my life. It didn’t (but Tetracycline sure helped).

And now, here I am, 20 years later, coveting Claire’s outfit — her billowy red blouse, her crisp white blazer, her chic grey jeans, her rad sandals that thankfully are not Teva-esque — but the good news is, I’m not comparing myself to her. I’m thinking about how cute I’d look wearing the same thing! And this has been the story of my self-esteem’s evolution. Get the look yourself, after the jump!

Jeans: $89.99, Madewell
Blazer: $69.99, MANGO
Sunglasses: $16, Urban Outfitters
Blouse: $69, Vince Camuto, Nordstrom
Sandals: $80, Sol Sana, Shopbop
Tote: $98, French Connection, Zappos