Ex-Williams College Student Accuses School Of Mishandling Sexual Assault

  • Lexie Brackenridge, a former student at Williams College in Massachusetts, wrote a piece for the school newspaper about the school’s conduct after  she was sexually assaulted by a classmate in 2012. Williams College officials discouraged her from going to the police about her assault and instead asked her to handle it internally. The school suspended her assailant, a 21-year-old who played for the school’s hockey team, but allowed him to re-enroll after three semesters. Meanwhile, Brackenridge, who has since transferred to Columbia, was harassed by his teammates from the hockey team; when she informed the deans of the harassment, they brushed it off. In response to Brackenridge’s piece, some Williams alumni have announced they are are withholding their donations from the school. [f Higher Ed; Boston Globe]
  • A Change.org petition is asking the Doubletree Hotel in Detroit, Michigan, not to host the first-ever international men’s rights activist conference. [Change.org]
  • What does conservative Christianity have in common with PUA (pickup artist) philosophy? [Religion Dispatches]
  • How PUA culture feeds on men’s insecurities. [The Daily Dot]
  • A show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlazeTV acted out a tasteless skit about consent and sexual assault. [Media Matters For America]
  • Qatar’s new “Reflect Your Respect” campaign shows tourists exactly how to dress to be sensitive to cultural dress codes. [Yahoo Shine]
  • Fathers who share household chores are more likely to raise daughters with career ambitions, according to a study in the journal Psychological Science. [NYmag.com]
  • Some Afghan women are rebelling against domestic abuse within their homes. [New York Times]
  • A 13-year-old girl from India is the youngest woman ever to reach the top of Mt. Everest. [New York Daily News]

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