Beauty Test Drive: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

I have probably asked every person I know “Do I smell?” or “Want to smell my armpits?” this week. For this week’s Beauty Test Drive, I’ve been taking whiffs of my own pits as frequently as possible. That’s right, mid-Pilates I was caught turning my head to confirm this natural deodorant was actually tackling my B.O.

I can honestly say I have never tried a natural deodorant before, and was skeptical of Lavender + Sage Schmidt’s glass jar. I try to be health conscious, but I have never looked at the ingredient list of my deodorant.  I’ve considered the ingredients in my soap, lotion, and makeup … but my deodorant? What could my armpits possibly have to complain about? If it keeps them smelling fresh from dawn to dusk, what more could an armpit ask for?

It’s true, most of the products we rub onto our skin are being absorbed by our bodies, and if you’re going to bother being mindful of what’s in your soap and lotion, you should probably consider going natural with your deodorant as well. But let’s get to the point. Do I smell? According to my co-workers, friends, family, and husband the answer is “no.” Unfortunately, only one or two were willing to go nose first into my armpit at the end of the day, but I can tell you first hand that I’m really enjoying the deodorant’s unique sent. Score!

Price: $9, Schmidt’s Deodorant

Rating: 4/5

There has been concern that antiperspirants and deodorants may be linked to breast cancer, but there is no conclusive evidence to back this suspicion. More research is required to determine if the use of aluminum and Parabens absorbed by the body from deodorants can cause breast cancer, so I’ve left any judgment on this out of my review.