9 Ways “Nashville” Could Play Out Hayden Panettiere’s Real-Life Pregnancy

She’s five-foot-nothin’, but Hayden Panettiere is about to pop out a very large baby, y’all. The 24-year-old “Nashville” actress is officially expecting her first child with longtime fiancé and incredibly tall human, Wladimir Klitschko. As excited as I was to hear the news about Hayden, who’s previously stated she was “born to be a mother,” my knee-jerk reaction was “OH MY GOD, this gives the ‘Nashville’ people SO many possibilities for her (soon to be “pregnant”?) character, Juliette Barnes.” Naturally, I’ve compiled a short list of ways the folks over at ABC could play out Hayden’s real-life bun in the oven. Warning: *Show spoilers*

1. An Uncertain Paternity: Juliette and Avery broke up after Juliette admitted to sleeping with royal doucher Jeff Fordham during a weak moment. The season finale left us hanging as to whether or not the two would get back together, so how amazeballs would it be if she found out she was knocked up but didn’t know who the father is? I’ve never been so excited about an uncertain paternity in my life.

2. She’s Having A Barkley Baby: Avery broke up with Juliette because she was a two-timing hussy, but perhaps they will have to TRY to make their relationship work if she finds out she’s having his little rocker offspring. Dun dun dun…

3. She’s Having Jeff’s Baby: Juliette is pregnant with the Devil’s spawn. If she finds out she’s pregnant with Jeff’s child, and she decides to keep it, will they try and have a relationship? Will she bail on Rayna at Highway 65 Records and head back to Edgehill to be with her baby daddy? So many possibilities.

4. “Nashville” Will Pull A “Scandal” And Hide It: Fellow ABC drama “Scandal” hid Kerry Washington’s real-life pregnant belly behind lamps, frilly trench coats and other people to make it seem like she wasn’t pregnant on the show. Maybe “Nashville” will do the same with their little nugget person and Hayden will just stand behind guitars and stuff?

5. It’s Charlie Wentworth’s Baby: Remember him? Yeah, well, wouldn’t it be a pisser if Juliette found out she’s pregnant, assumed it was either Avery’s or Jeff’s, and BOTH of their paternity tests came back negative? A billionaire, British baby would be a bloody good twist.

6. A “Nashville” Adoption: We know abortion isn’t a possibility for the show since Hayden will be having her baby in real life, BUT an onscreen adoption isn’t out of the question. It’s possible Juliette gets pregnant and opts to put her child up for adoption in fear that she’ll be a bad mom or that she won’t be able to continue her career. Maybe Rayna and Luke (or Rayna and Deacon, depending on who ends up with whom) will want the baby.

7. A Dramatic Stage Collapse: Juliette finds out she’s pregnant by collapsing on stage while she’s performing in concert, because nothing says Juliette Barnes drama like a public spectacle.

8. A Complicated, High-Risk Pregnancy: Juliette finds out she’s knocked up, but all of her alcohol consumption and physical stress from performing has put her baby at risk. This means she won’t be able to perform anymore and Highway 65 just lost one-half of their star duo. NOW WHAT?

9. She Develops A Fast Food Dependency: That’s not an actual baby, you guys. That’s a food baby. Too much Taco Bell makes Juliette bloated.

How do you think the show should play out Hayden’s pregnancy? Tell us in comments!