10 Holy Shit Moments From Last Night’s Astounding “Hannibal” Finale (Spoilers!)


The season two finale of “Hannibal” was, hands down, one of the very best episodes of any TV show I have ever watched. I was stunned almost the entire time — by the beauty, by the writing, by the subtlety, by the violence, by the turn of events and by the “conclusion.” Spoilers after the jump.

Holy Shit #1: Hannibal figures out Freddy Lounds is alive because he can smell her on Will.

Holy Shit #2: Hannibal offers Will a way out, for both of them, suggesting they skip town without a trace.

Holy Shit #3: Will, not realizing Hannibal knows wassup, continues Jack and his plan to catch Hannibal in the act by using Jack as bait.

Holy Shit #4: Miranda Hobbes finds out Jack has basically set up a plan to entrap Hannibal, which would fuck them in court, so she puts him on leave and puts out a warrant for his arrest and Will’s (for the murder of that guy he killed in self-defense and then maimed to keep his cover).

Now, some things to consider: none of the four characters who we last saw bleeding to death, actually have died that we know of. It’s unlikely they’ll all live to season three, but according to this article on The Daily Beast, Hugh Dancy IS back next season and it sounds like producers are hopeful Lawrence Fishburne will return as well, schedule and interest permitting. So I imagine season three will feature Will, at least, on the hunt for Hannibal Lecter. Series creator Bryan Fuller says he has a full six seasons thought out, so goddamnit, I cannot wait to see where things go next.

BEST. FINALE. EVER? Maybe. Maybe!