“Abortion Barbie” Posters Greet Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis In Los Angeles

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis flew to Los Angeles this week for a campaign fundraiser and was welcomed with warm temperatures, the promise of In-N-Out and, oh yeah, these “Abortion Barbie” posters. Created by the “conservative street artist” Sabo and paid for by Midland, Texas, woman Kathryn Stuard, the posters feature a pregnant Barbie’s body with Davis’s head, the fetus’s body visible (yeah, I said fetus, not baby) in the doll’s stomach. “Abortion Barbie” comes with her own accessories, namely a pair of scissors for, uh, the aborting, I guess. “It hits people with the truth,” said Stuard, 53, apparently not realizing that abortions are not and have never been performed with scissors. “The artist is very edgy … I do support (Greg) Abbott [Davis’s opponent] but the campaign had nothing to do with these (posters).”

Now, while abortions have never involved scissors, unsafe, back-alley abortions of the pre-Roe V. Wade days — i.e. before abortion was legal — certainly involved cruder methods than what’s currently used in doctors’ offices and Planned Parenthood clinics around the country. So, in a way, Abortion Barbie and her stupid scissors are actually representative of the quality of abortions that will occur as they become increasingly unavailable and illegal, thanks to ridiculous anti-choice legislation. In other words, the more conservative our laws toward abortion become, the more likely it is that what Abortion Barbie actually represents will become a reality. So as far as I’m concerned, Stuard did not quite get what she thought she paid for. Dummy. [Jezebel]