5 Things That Happen When You Go A Month Without A Full-Length Mirror

When you move into a new house and you’re busy and disorganized and don’t live anywhere near a Target, sometimes intriguing social experiments arise out of nowhere. Case in point: I have lived in my new place for a month and still don’t have a full-length mirror. I just haven’t gotten around to buying one, which means that I haven’t had regular access to my full-length reflection for 30 days. There are a couple mirrors in the house that were left by the previous owners, but their placement only lets me see myself from the shoulders up. Everything below that, I’m just catching occasional glimpses in the glare of the our living room window and hoping I look OK. Here are five results of my accidental no-mirror experiment so far…

1. You’ll create outfits you never thought of before. Since I can’t really see my outfits anyway, I’ve found myself relying less on my go-to clothing combinations and being more open to trying new ones. I make my outfit decisions more intuitively — What do I feel like wearing? Which colors are speaking to me today? — instead of judging an outfit solely on how it looks. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t…

2. You will leave the house looking really dumb sometimes. One of the new outfits I came up with this month involved an ankle boot/scrunched sock situation that looked great from my angle (aka looking down at my feet). I left the house feeling sassy and stylish, and then I got to my weekend boutique job and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. “What have I done?” I gasped aloud in the empty store. I looked ridiculous.¬†Socks were taken off. Skirt was tugged down. New accessories were chosen. Importance of owning a full-length mirror was noted.

3. You will have very little patience for uncomfortable clothes. When you’re not regularly looking in the mirror, the idea of sacrificing comfort for style loses a lot of its power. The clothes I have that tug, pull, pinch, fall down, or require any kind of constant adjustment are suddenly very unappealing to me, no matter how cute they are. Meanwhile, my less snazzy clothes that feel good to wear have been getting tons of use.

4. You will be nicer to your body. When you’re not constantly examining your body for flaws (as I tend to do whenever I’m in front of a full-length mirror), it’s much easier to stop obsessing about how your body looks and focus instead on how your body feels. I feel SO good in my body right now, and I think a huge part of that is because I’m not pausing to scrutinize it every time I walk past a mirror. After realizing this, I’m definitely going to be thoughtful about where I put my full-length mirror when I do get one (for example, have it tucked away where I can easily access it to check out my outfits, but not prominently displayed all the time).

5. You will start treating any slightly reflective surface as a mirror. Despite all the positive effects I’ve noticed of living without a mirror, it’s not like I don’t want to see my reflection. In fact, there are many times when I really, really want to. This means I spend a lot of time contorting my body to catch a glimpse of my reflection on my computer screen, or in the brief glare of the window while the sun is setting. Might be time to buy a mirror, huh?

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