Rachel Bilson Is Pregnant!

  • Rachel Bilson and her longtime boyfriend Hayden Christensen are expecting their first child together. Mazel tov! [US Weekly]
  • Lana Del Rey will perform at Kim and Kanye’s wedding in Italy this weekend. [Page Six]
  • Jessica Chastain has been offered the lead role in the second season of “True Detective.” But unfortunately, E! News says it’s not gonna happen. SAD FACE. [Nerdist]
  • “I Wanna Marry Harry,” the reality show that tricks 12 women into thinking they’re on a date with Prince Harry (when he’s just a Prince Harry lookalike), debuted last night. Vulture interviewed the lookalike Harry, a British guy named Matt Hicks, to find out just why he signed up for this. [NYmag.com]
  • “The Bachelorette”‘s cocktail party crasher scene on Monday night was actually heavily scripted by producers, obviously. [TMZ]
  • Vogue’s Grace Coddington got booted off Instagram for posting nudes. [Fashionista]
  • Hottie supermodel Tyson Beckford will star in a male stripper movie called “Chocolate City.” Already bought our tickets. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Jane Lynch opened up about being gay as a kid. [Jezebel]
  • An investor says he got scammed by putting money into two fake businesses by Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad. [New York Post]
  • There’s a new free streaming channel for documentary films. [IndieWire]
  • A dating service called The Dating Ring is shipping single women from New York City to San Francisco this weekend to meet single men. [Yahoo Travel]

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