80 U.S. Troops Will Search For Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

  • Eighty American troops in Chad will help search for the 200+ girls who were kidnapped from their school by an Islamist extremist group back in April. That’s awesome, but WHAT TOOK US SO LONG? [CNN]
  • According to the newest Gallup poll, 55 percent of Americans say they support same-sex marriage. [Yahoo]
  • Meet the founder and leader of Sweden’s Feminist Party! [The Hairpin]
  • Mr. Potato Skins Dude just keeps making us love him more. [Yahoo Shine]
  • What does it mean for a celebrity to call herself a feminist (or not)? [New York Times]
  • A writer who works for the Lean In Foundation writes more than a few freelance articles promoting Lean In. That’s one way to lean in, I guess? [Valleywag]
  • Not even a 4.0 GPA matters to the pay gap. [Think Progress]
  • On unearthing female artists from the archives. [Guardian UK]

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