Johnny Weir Accused Of Domestic Violence Yet Again

  • Johnny Weir allegedly attacked his on-again-off-again husband Victor Voronov at their New Jersey home on Saturday night, causing scratches and bruises all over his body. Weir allegedly flipped his shit after he found text messages on Voronov’s phone badmouthing him. Voronov filed a “simple assault” complaint against his husband yesterday. Back in March, the two appeared in court together for an incident when Weir bit his husband. Just break up already! [, TMZ]
  • On the distastefulness of New York City’s new 9/11 Memorial Museum, “New York’s hottest tourist attraction.” [BuzzFeed]
  • Vice President Joe Biden turned down a 17-year-old girl’s invitation to prom. But! Biden invited her to come to the White House instead, so that’s kinda cool. [Politico]
  • Ever so eager to continue riding on Kim Kardashian’s coattails (gown tails?), her ex Ray J has vowed to give her and Kanye four months’ worth of sex tape profits as a wedding gift. Kim already gets her own cut of the profits — he’s just offering her his own. That’s, uh, sweet? [TMZ]
  • Beyoncé, Jay Z, Solange and Mama Knowles all had lunch together in New Orleans. Nothing to see here, folks. [TMZ]
  • Mr. Handsomeface Ryan Reynolds got booed at Cannes. [Maybe because he shaved and didn’t wear a linen vest? — Amelia] [US Weekly]
  • Paul Rudd and Cynthia Nixon will perform for one night only reading a play about the life of Albert Einstein. [New York Times]
  • Robyn’s new music video for “Say It” is … bizarre. [Pitchfork]
  • Sherri Shepherd’s ex-husband is seeking temporary physical custody of their nine-year-old son. That’s on top of her estranged husband’s ploy for custody of the couple’s unborn child, who’s being carried by a surrogate. [People]

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