Creepy Cannes Journalist “Pranks” America Ferrera On The Red Carpet

Ukrainian “journalist” Vitalii Sediuk is at it again. The somewhat notorious prankster — who perhaps most famously planted a kiss on Will Smith at the premiere of “Men In Black 3″ in 2012 — managed to make it onto the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of “How To Train Your Dragon 2″ and dove headfirst under actress America Ferrera’s white gown as she and her costars posed for photographers. As he was wrestled away by security, Sediuk grabbed onto Ferrera’s foot, clearly catching her off guard.

Listen, I love a prank as much as the next person, truly. I participated in quite a few during my days at Maximincluding disassembling a coworker’s entire cubicle and reassembling it on an abandoned floor. But sticking your head under someone’s dress? Kissing someone you know doesn’t want you kissing them? That’s gross and icky and stupid as fuck. How does this guy still manage to get press credentials? Send me to Cannes instead! I know how to behave myself. (If Ryan Gosling is there, though, all bets are off.) [Page Six]