Help Make This Documentary About Loving Your Body A Reality

You may remember Australian mom Taryn Brumfitt from the unconventional “before and after” photos she released in 2013, which showcased her transition from an ultra-fit body-building physique to an equally beautiful post-baby body. The images went viral, and in the months since then, Brumfitt was inspired to create a documentary, “Embrace,” that encourages women to love their bodies as much as she loves hers — because like many others, the shift to self-acceptance wasn’t easy for Brumfitt. This trailer really strikes a cord, especially because Brumfitt’s honesty about her tough road to loving herself is much more relatable than the simplistic “everyone is beautiful!” rhetoric that puts responsibility on us to somehow magically ignore the constant barrage of advertising and entertainment that tells us otherwise.

In order for “Embrace” to come to life, the film’s Kickstarter page needs to raise $200,000 by July 2. In the five days since its launch, the campaign is already over a quarter of the way there. Brumfitt’s blog, The Body Image Movement, attempts to change beauty ideals and to shift the focus to intangible forms of beauty like humility, kindness and generosity. If you’d like to see this movie make it to the screen (I know I would!), support this badass lady by spreading the word or making a Kickstarter pledge.

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