This Mother-Daughter Exercise Team Is Totally Adorable (And Strong)!

Meet Cheryl and Tessa, a mother and daughter who pledged to spend 100 days getting fit together — and happened to lose a combined 74 pounds along the way. These ladies are amazing. When I first came across this video, I was skeptical. Sometimes “inspirational” videos about losing weight irk me because they encourage a very specific way of looking at body shape, when plenty of women are perfectly happy with whatever size they are right now.

But this video? Awesome. Cheryl, a single mom, was starting to see that her tendency toward emotional eating was being picked up by her kids, and decided she wanted something better for her family. The pair’s commitment is driven by way more than just wanting to change their appearance, and their energy is totally infectious. If this doesn’t make you want to do some physical activity, I don’t know what will!

Even as the 100 days are over, the ladies are still working out and posting new videos of their progress here. [The Gloss]

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