List Of Alleged Rapists Turns Up In Columbia University Bathroom

  • Last week, a list of alleged rapists turned up on a bathroom wall on Columbia University’s NYC campus. The list was scrubbed off almost immediately, but the same names resurfaced in a different Columbia bathroom a few days later. Public safety officers have implied that the list would be seen as an act of vandalism, which could mean disciplinary or even legal action against whomever wrote it. The same type of list appeared on bathroom walls at Brown University back in 1990, and like this case, the names were rewritten almost as quickly as they were being cleaned off. [Columbia Lion]
  • The Nigerian government has denied terrorist group Boko Haram’s terms for the release of the hundreds of Nigerian teenage girls they abducted. The group said they would free the girls in exchange for the release of imprisoned members of the group. We still have no idea where the girls are and none of them have been rescued so far. [Jezebel]
  • Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad’s “Stealthy Freedom”  Facebook page encourages Iranian women to submit pictures of themselves without their legally-mandated hijabs. [USA Today]
  • What is feminist biology and why do we need it? A look into the gender bias within science. []
  • Egypt’s Cabinet approved a draft law last week that could criminalize every form of sexual violence. The law intends to heavily fine and imprison perpetrators, but activists wonder whether it will be properly enforced. [Huffington Post]
  • The 14 places that will make you a lesbian, according to 1954’s unintentionally funny, woefully dated “Female Homoesexuality.” [Autostraddle]
  • China’s gender gap is growing, and so is the stigma surrounding single Chinese women. [Guardian UK]
  • Another day, another slew of doctors challenging young women’s family planning choices. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Thoughts on abortion over 35 and the misplaced judgment that comes with it. [Guardian UK]

[Image via Columbia Lion]