Can Anybody Actually Pass This Sleep Deprivation Test?

Try the test in this video by Richard Wiseman to see if you need to catch up on your catnaps (hint: you probably do). According to Wiseman, an easy way to tell if you’re sleep deprived is if you need the help of an alarm to wake up in the morning. Seriously? I have known maybe two people ever who could wake up for work without an alarm clock!

I used to think I took pretty good care of myself in the nap department, but then I started using an app that tracked my sleep cycle and it showed me the actual number of hours I spend asleep each night. It wasn’t pretty. Apparently, somewhere along the line I’d started considering the time I spent brushing my teeth, checking email in bed, laying awake thinking about the next day, and whatever else I associated with bed time as actual sleep. So much for believing I got eight hours every night!

Is there anybody these days who is actually fully rested? Our culture doesn’t really seem to allow for that. We live in such a 24/7 world that our to-do lists never really reach an endpoint unless we actively decide when to cut ourselves off for the night. If you can pass Wiseman’s little test, you deserve all of the awards. [Mashable]